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Doosan DX27z
Doosan DX27Z Excavator
The DX27Z is a piece of plant suited to various applications in construction work, varying from laying services to landscaping. This machine is compact due to its zero swing making it ideal for working in confined spaces whether inside or outside buildings. These machines are extremely powerful for a 2.7 Tonne as well as being smooth, accurate and practical, suiting the needs of many individuals.
£260 + VAT

Doosan DX60r
Doosan DX60r Excavator
The Doosan DX60r is a versatile machine, offering high levels of comfort, minimal maintenance as well as high performance. This machine is fully equipped for hydraulic attatchments whether it be breakers or augers. This machine is ideal for ground workings and landscaping. The design on this machine is compact and with the ability to offset the arm it can fit into undesirable places making the machine as practical as can be.
£375 + VAT

Doosan DX225-LC
Doosan DX225-LC Excavator
The DX225-LC is an all round excavator, catering to the needs of residential sites, larger contractors, civil engineers and even demolition contractors. This machine comes with a fair amount of positives, whether it be improved fuel efficiency, enhanced visibility due to the rear camera or more pulling power. Our 22 Tonne is equipped with a a grading bucket, heavy duty teeth bucket and a non-hydraulic demolition grab giving this Doosan machine a variery of purposes.
£750 + VAT


JCB 535-140
JCB 535-140
As telehandlers go the JCB 535-140 is an inpressive piece of kit. With a staggering 14 metre reach this JCB in desirable for any construction site especially those requiring a further reach such as commercial sites. This machine also has an impressive lift capacity of 4000kg.
£360 + VAT

Manitou MLT731
Manitou MLT731
The Manitou MLT731 is an efficient smaller telehandler with a variety of benefits. This compact telehandler has an overall reach of 7 metres being able to lift a weight of 3.5 tonnes depending on your boom length. This telehandler is ideal for moving materials either with chains, on pallets or in sacks on small or large sites. This machine also comes with a bucket making it ideal for moving loose materials such as aggregates.
£275 + VAT


Thwaites 1 Tonne Hi-Tip
Thwaites 1 Tonne Hi-Tip
The all drive 1 Tonne hi-tip is an ideal machine for both small and large sites. Unlike larger dumpers the 1 tonne is able to fit into smaller facilities due to its small wheelbase and folding ROPS bar meaning its value in means of practicality are high. As well as this, these 1 Tonne Thwaites dumpers are equipped with 'Hi-Tip' meaning the dumper can be loaded from a hightened surface and rubble can be loaded into skips overall creating a more efficient workspace.
£110 + VAT

Benford 6 Tonne Swivel
Benford 6 Tonne Swivel
The 6 Tonne Benford is a work horse of a machine. This piece of plant is versatile when it comes to day to day construction needs. Proving to be both handy in rubble moving as well taking advantage of the swivel option being useful for filling footings on site or even spreading aggregate.
£150 + VAT

Thwaites 9 Tonne Forward Tip
Thwaites 9 Tonne Forward Tip
The Thwaites 9 Tonne forward tipping dumper is a pinacle as far as dumpers go. Being able to move heavy amounts of materials and efficient to run, the 9 Tonne is ideal for heavy duty site clearing and pairs well with excavators ranging from 14 Tonne to 22 tonne. This machine is ideal for phase 1 construction as well as demolition due to its durability and high moving capacity.
£180 + VAT


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